Dec 15

I loved this movie. I thought Bonnie was really stupid, you know so easy to blush when Clyde complimented her, and just in general joining a life of crime, but on the other hand I admired her, just being happy to be acriminal with the boys. Women criminals are so underrated.

I thought the way they were proclaimed themselves was weird though. How they just told everyone who they were even though they were criminals…I wondered how they went so long without getting caught. It was kind of cute though, the way they were a pair, and I felt like that was one of the reasons they always said that, because they were crazy about each other and wanted everyone to know one way or another.

The music choice was a bit odd, how there was happy country music everytime they were being chased or on the run. I think the same song was used when theyre running away through the field and when theyre getting shot at in the clearing, which was sort of weird because drastically different things happen in both scenes.

The ending was really scary for me too, the brutality of it. At first I was questioning how they were even allowed to do that and how they would justify it, but then I realized once it gets to murder for criminals I guess that’s it. I somehoe had blocked out all the killing they’d done throughout the movie. I did it again just know…I keep thinking they only killed that guy who was hanging onto the car when they were trying to get away, and then I remember they killed every cop who tried to come after them. So…you know a bunch. I guess I’m just very understanding…it is near Christmas.

Anyway this was my favorite movie of the semester, aside from A Bout de Souffle, which I loved. Even with the flares and the shaky camera I still got really into it (probably the very opposite of what the film makers planned). And of course, I can’t stop feeling bad that they died, even though they were bank robbing killers. (Was Bonnie upset that he wanted to start a fresh life of crime when given the choice or did she have the same dream? That part sort of confused me)

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