Dec 15

Yum. (souffles are….desserts right?)

So this movie was my favorite, which I mentioned in my last post. But the whole time I was watching it I was comparing it to Public Enemies. I don’t know how the other movies go but I think the John Dillinger scenario is always the same. He falls in love with some girl who loves him even though he’s a criminal but in the end she betrays him and calls the cops. Then even though he knows this he stays around, then gets shot and dies.

But I love both of these movies for that reason, both that the women accept the men and that the men loved the women enough to just deal with their backstabbing. (The back stabbing made me sad though).

For some reason all the time they spent talking in her room was really entertaining to me…I feel like that’s my life, just sitting around talking to people about random things, then saying I have to go a million times and never doing it. Weak willed and all.

I feel like I miss the point of all these movies, I just get too into them and forget to take notes. I only remember random things that remind me of other movies. But I think I do have one bit of relevant information. The part where she (whose name I don’t remember or ever knew…)is looking at michell? through the rolled up paper, I think that was sort of a female gaze. It also made me think like maybe she was trying to seem him from a distance, as someone different than the person she was talking to. I’m not sure that makes complete sense but I felt like she was distancing herself for a moment to see if she still saw the same thing.

This was right up there with Bonnnie and Clyde, but I’m pretty sure it was my favorite, even though I had french stuck in my head all night. It was worth it.

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