Oct 28

I wanted to make a few general points about some things I’ve noticed in videos throughout the sememester so far that really don’t have a point in terms of analyzing.

The first thing is about The Lady Eve.  I was watching the scene where they’re in her bedroom after Jean gets scared by the snake and shes touching Pike’s hair and telling him about her ideal man and stuff like that and everyone kept laughing because he looked ridiculous. So it made me think about the movie Say Anything, with John Cusack, because I heard in a documentary that there was a scene where he’s with his girlfriend in the car and has to act like he’s really…impassioned…and when they sent that clip to someone to see the person thought he was dying. It’s just funny to me how acting can be misunderstood sometimes.

Oddly enough there was another scene in the Lady Eve that reminded me of another John Cusack movie. The part where she goes to Pikes party as her second identity and his friend is looking through the window all creepily reminded me of Martian Child, where Cusack goes to his adopted childs school with binoculars. As he’s sitting in his car a police officer comes up and asks him what he’s doing and he says “It’s not what it looks like. I’m only here for the children”. Again, out of context things can look so so wrong.

The last thing I wanted to mention was I love when things happen in movies that you think you understand and as the movie develops you realize you were wrong. I know that didn’t make sense. Look at my examples:

In the movie Dear John…which I think I thought was awful, but can’t remember…the beginning starts with a letter he wrote and he’s reading it out loud and it’s about how he misses this person and took them for granted. And then you see the first ten minutes and you’re like “oh it’s to this girl, gag”. And then when the movie circles back to that scene you find out it’s actually to the father and you feel bad for thinking it was corny.

Another thing was in…that movie with Dane Cook…sorry I’m coming off my notes here….oh My Best Friends Girl (I love that song)…when he’s at Kate Hudsons sisters wedding and he’s leaving a message saying how he loves this person blah blah and she comes in screaming at him and you think “she’s gunna hear that message later and feel so bad”…and then they cut to Dusty (of course that’s the only name I remember) and he’s listening to this heart felt message from Dane and you hear Kate in the back and you realize that was THE message and that Dane is a total sweetheart. He gets the girl in the end too, it figures.

So yeah, that’s pretty much it for now, the big things I noticed at least. I love that though, finding connections between movies and people and stuff. Keeps me going. Feel free to tell me about any connections you notice…I’m always up for that stuff.

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