Oct 18

For my analysis project I took a scene from Citizen Kane, the part where they celebrate Kane’s acquiring of the Chronicles best newspaper men.


Shot 1 -Camera is slightly above frame. Close up.

-Music is playful, very pumped and cheerful

– In the center of the frame is focused a bundle of Inquirer newspapers, among stacks of other bundles. The camera pans out to encompass dozens and dozens of stacks of newspapers. (Fade to shot two)

Shot 2- Camera is straight. Medium shot.

-The same music continues through this scene

– Kane, Jed, and Mr. B are all leaning on their elbows, looking
out the window. They’re seen from the chest up, and what can be seen of their
bodies is positioned between the Inquirer’s giant storefront sign letters, The
)(above them) and Circulation 26,000 (below them). They’re
all smiling and Kane and Jed smoke. Jed is the only one wearing a jacket.
Shadows of the paper boys can be seen in the reflection of the glass while the
three men smile and nod at each other. (Cut to shot 3)

Shot 3- Camera is straight. Medium long shot.

-“I know you’re tired, but I bought you here for a reason. I think this     pilgrimage will do you good” (Kane)

– “Look who they have working for them. With that staff it’s no trick to get circulation.
You know  how long it took them to get that staff? Twenty years.” (Mr. B)

-This shot is almost parallel to the last, with the words The Chronicle and Circulation
being the main focus of the frame in the same places. Instead of
the people who are cause for the Inquirer’s circulation, Kane, Jed, and Mr. B,
the spot between the big letters is taken up by a picture of the Chronicle’s
staff. It is a giant framed picture with the words “The Chronicle Staff-the
Greatest Newspaper Staff in the World” surrounding it. The three man stand off
to the side, all wearing suits not. Kane stands in the foreground with his hand
at his mouth with a cigar, speculating. Mr. B stands next to him and Jed stands
behind, looking grim. Kane gestures to the window, remarking on the
circulation. Mr. B then gestures to the picture. The camera zooms in and stops
when all 10 men are tightly in frame. They’re mostly older men, sitting down,
wearing suits and having all different kinds of posing and stature. The shot
then shifts so the men are seen in the same positions, but in real time and in

Shot 4-Camera is straight. Medium long shot.

-“Six years ago I looked at a picture of the world’s greatest newspaper men, I felt like a kid in a candy store…well tonight, I got my candy” (Kane)

-“I think you’ll be happy to know that today we had the greatest newspaper circulation in the world” (Kane)

-The ten newstaff men are posing for a picture when Kane walks past them, with the camerafollowing him. When he passes the camera in the movie that is taking the
picture, the shot is taken, with a spark of light exploding behind him. The men
then get up, and everyone is still in frame. The camera begins to center on
Kane and the men follow behind him. He stops in front of a giant K ice
sculpture (which is backwards from this view, or as you see later, backwards
from the view of everyone sitting at the table) and a sign that says “Welcome to
the Inquirer”. (Cut to shot 5)

Shot 5- Camera is straight. Long shot.

– “…greatest newspaper circulation in the world…684,000” (Kane)

– “684,132!” (Mr. B)

-The back of Kane’s head is ¼ of theframe as he faces a table lined with buckets of champagne. About 25 mensurround the table, clapping and some of them smoking. They’re all wearingblack, including Kane. Mr. B stands up at the far end of the table to specify Kane’s claim of the circulation. (Reverse shot of Mr. Kane)


Shot 6- Camera is straight. Medium long shot.

-Kane puts his hands in his pockets, still standing next to the ice sculpture. (cut to shot 7)


Shot 7-Camera is straight. Long shot.

-“…I’ll be going abroad,” (Kane)

-The camera is facing the same wayas in shot 5, but has moved back several feet to encompass Mr. B (you can nowsee the back of his head, and all the way to Kane). Some new people come and sit down while Kane speaks. (Cut to shot 8)


Shot 8-Camera is straight. Close up.

-As Kane makes his announcement Mr.
B and Jed look up curiously from their conversation. Behind them are two ice
sculptures of themselves, but they’re sitting in front of each others. The sculptures
emphasize a cigar in Jed’s mouth and glasses and a big nose for Mr. B. The
signs below the sculptures read “Broadway Jed” Leland and usiness stein . (Not
all of Bernstein’s name or title can be seen). (Reverse shot)


Shot 9-Camera is straight. Medium long shot.

-Kane begins walking from the head of the table down the side. (Cut to shot 10)


Shot 10- Camera is straight. Medium shot.

-Jed and Mr. B are now surrounded by
a couple other men, and they’re all looking at Kane, who is facing them. Mr. B
stands and addresses Kane. (reverse shot)


Shot 11-Camera is straight. Medium shot.

-Mr. B is standing and we can see
his back. The entire group is in frame, including the three sculptures. Kane
responds to Mr. B. (reverse shot)


Shot 12-Camera is straight. Medium shot.

-Mr. B finishes his address and sits
down (reverse shot)


Shot 13-Camera is straight. Medium shot.

-Kane makes a funny remark and everyone laughs (cut to shot 14)


Shot 14- Camera is straight. Close up.

– Only Mr. B and Jed are in this shot with their ice sculptures. Now “Mr. Big….Ber” are seen on his plaque. (Cut to shot 15)


Shot 15-Camera is straight. Long shot.

-“Your complete attention please!”

-Kane is standing, the entire party
in frame, with four servers behind him. Their white aprons that reach their
shins contrast with their black coats, ties, pants and dress shoes. Kane stands
with his fists on his hips, addressing the group. (Cut to shot 16)


Shot 16-Camera is straight. Close up.

-Kane brings his pinkies to his lips to whistle, closing an eye. (Cut to shot 17)


Shot 17-Camera is straight. Medium close up.

-“I said are we going to declare war on Spain or are we not?” (Kane)

-“The Inquirer already has,” (Jed)

-“Why you long faced over dressed anarchist” (Kane)

-“I am not over dressed…” (Jed)

-It begins withthe same shot as 15, but now the servers go running out and a matching bandcomes in. It is synchronized in the way that the servers curl right to leave and the band coming from the side the servers leave curl right also, behind
Kane. He walks through the two lines created by the band, walking in the
opposite direction. When the band passes the table Kane whistles again and
makes a “come on out” gesture. Marching girls in short sparkling dresses and
hats come out, toting plastic guns and follow the same path as the band. The
group of men starts to get excited, whistling and cat-calling. Kane puts his
hands in his pockets and, smiling, walks with the leading woman. He then takes
a giant step towards Jed and Mr. B while the girls continue, and makes a remark.
The band returns, coming in the way they left the frame, filing behind the
girls. (Cut to shot 18)


Shot 18- Camera is now facing left and from a lower angle. Medium close up.

-“Is there a song about Charlie?”- (man in group)

-A manstands up and reaches both arms over the table, then put a foot on it and gestures asking if there’s a song about Charlie. Kane shakes his head and the
camera pans tight to follow him as he walks back towards the head of the table.
Two men get up and grab him and they all fall backwards into chairs. Some girls
come over and take off their hats and give them to the men, except for Kane.
(Cut to shot 19)


Shot 19-Camera is straight. Close up.

-One of the dancers’ butts takes up the entire frame, but as she moves away Kane becomes center frame, surrounded by his friends and laughing. The camera tilts
up where the men behind him are standing and some have drinks while others are
grabbing the guns the girls throw into the crowd. (Cut to shot 20)


Shot 20-Camera is straight. Long shot.

-The dancers are roughly in two groups, semi lines. A man in a pinstriped coat like a circus announcer comes out, and his striped hat and white slacks contrast the other men, who are all wearing black. (Reverse shot to shot 21)


Shot 21-Camera is straight. Medium shot.

-The men at the table all sit laughing (Reverse shot to shot 22)


Shot 22- Camera is straight. Medium close up.

-The girls are in an upside down V formation now, with the man in the middle, who is singing and dancing. He takes off his hat. (He’s singing a song about how good
Kane is, rich or poor, and how everybody knows who he is)(Cut to shot 23)


Shot 23- Camera is straight. Medium shot.

-Kane salutes the singer. (Very short take.)(Cut to shot 24)


Shot 24-Camera is straight. Long shot.

-The man keeps singing and the girls all extend their inside hands to the music, then put them back on their hips. All the girls come closer and crowd around Kane, who they pull up. The men behind Kane push him forward. He protests but the
girls push him far into the core of their group. (Cut to shot 25)

**The next shots, up to 34, are very short takes**


Shot 25- Camera is straight. Medium shot.

-A man at the table leans into his group of friends. (Cut to shot 26)

Shot 26- Camera is straight. Medium close up.

-Jed and Mr. B are shown at their side of the table. Mr. B sings along cheerfully to the song while Jed looks on seriously. (Cut to shot 27)


Shot 27- Camera is straight. Medium shot.

-The girls all sing towards the crowd and Kane, who is a head taller, can be seen laughing over their heads. (Cut to shot 28)


Shot 28- Camera is straight. Medium close up.

-Mr. B is still singing and waving his hands. Halfway through the take Jed starts bobbing his head, then starts to sing also. (Cut to shot 29)


Shot 29- Camera is straight. Long shot.

-Kane is dancing around with all the girls


Shot 30- Camera is straight. Medium close up.

-Jed is still singing aloud.(Like the end of shot 29)(Cut to shot 31)


Shot 31-Camera facing towards the right. Medium close up.

-Ablack band member laughs, his eyes closed, while the band plays the trumpets behind him. The focus is on the man laughing, whose face is shown in most of the frame. (Cut to shot 32)


Shot 32-Camera is straight. Long shot.

-The men are shown at the table swaying and pretending to play trumpets. (Cut to shot 33)


Shot 33- Camera is straight. Long shot.

-Kane is dancing with only a few girls inframe. His black outfit contrasts greatly with the white sparkling outfits of the dancers. Being the only man in the group also draws attention to him. (Cut to shot 34)


Shot 34- Camera is straight, Medium shot.

– “Isn’t it wonderful, such a party” (Mr. B)

-“Yeah” (Jed)
-“What’s the matter?” (Mr. B)

-Jed is smoking a cigar now and is watching Kane dance off screen. Mr. B excitedly comments on the party, while Jed takes the cigar away from his mouth to reply, still staring seriously at Kane. When Jed replies, Mr. B turns his attention to
him, looking more serious. (Cut to shot 35)


Shot 35- Camera is straight. Medium long shot.

-Kane is dancing with a girl, ducking and moving around her, a bit of a circular motion. All the girls are doing the same dance. Kane tugs his dancer out of her routine and pills her in, He has his hands on her waist and she looks at his curiously and seriously, her elbows bent and hands near her shoulders. He pauses from singing to lean in and kiss her and she pushes him away laughing (Cut to shot


Shot 36-Camera is straight. Medium shot.

-Jed exhales a big puff of smoke and Mr. B continues to sing.

End of analysis


2- Some stylistic decisions made
in the movie is how Kane is usually literally in the middle of parties or
crowds or situations, such as when he’s dancing or when he’s running for
election. Also when he first comes into the newspaper office and everyone gives
him their full attention. Kane is usually seen as nonchalant and a people pleaser,
always doing things to make sure people believe the best in him.

3-Some patterns in this scene
that are similar to others elsewhere in the movie are that Kane is sometimes
put in the center of attention by other people, so you can see how other people
admire him and know that he isn’t vain or conceited and getting attention for
himself. Another thing Welles does through the movie is he uses characters
faces to contrast their attitudes. He shows two peoples faces in frame so you
can see their reactions and get a sense of their character. For instance, when
he shows Mr. B and Jed at the table, and Jed is serious while Mr. B is singing,
it shows the relationship between them and Kane; that Mr. B may not be as close,
but Jed better understands Kane’s actions.

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