Sep 10

I know we watched M two weeks ago, and it was the first movie and maybe you don’t have as clear a memory of it, but I just wanted to make a few points. Or I would if I could find the notes I took that have been around for days and are now nowhere to be found….

Found em. Ok so first I just wanted to say that the movie made me think so much about how involved films really are. There’s so many little things that go into it, just in being able to record sound and making it sound real (I know it’s probably easier now, but if you think about it it’s still amazing.) I realized I actually love these kinds of movies, because without so much background sound and minimal dialogue, it makes it so much easier to focus on what’s actually going on. It makes you feel tense too, because instead of a scary score you just have to pay attention and realize what’s happening, and that alone makes me nervous.

This is a little off topic, but a few days after watching M I saw ‘As Good As It Gets’ for the first time, and there’s a part where they use silence so well it made me nervously giggle, which I don’t do often. I was actually embarrased for the actor. It’s the part in the beginning where they’re at the diner and¬†Melvin makes a wise crack about how Carol’s son is “going to die by the sound of it”, and she just stops and stares at him in complete incredulity that he would dare say something like that. And it goes on for an unbearable amount of time before she screams at him. Then he just sits there ashamed while she screams and it made me feel so sorry for him. I thought it was an amazing use of silence though, because the screaming was able to constrast so well with the silence. Just great.

Another thing I noticed that may not be too important was the clock in the beginning, how they showed a close up of it as the lady was waiting for her daughter to come home. It made me think of how most people have specific times that make them think of specific things, like schedules or patterns, and how when that gets disrupted it messes up your entire thinking. Like day light savings or holidays on Mondays.

I have some things to say about todays movie “The Lady Eve” , but I’ll save that for another post. Feel free to comment.

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